Keeping Warm in the Local Pond – Dutch Springs!


This past weekend found IVS conducting an early season combination Advanced Open Water and Dry Suit Specialty class at Dutch Springs.  Csaba Lorinczy, assisted by Frank Gabriel, led our team of divers through their paces, including six dives to complete Advanced Open Water plus Drysuit Specialty certifications!  Congratulations to  everyone, and thanks to Csaba for having that nice warm motorhome available for surface intervals.  We’ll be back in a couple of weeks for the DUI Drysuit Demo Days, so come on out and play!


Dyslexia hits Dutch – 47 on top, 74 below!


It was our next to last trip of the season to local watering hole Dutch Springs this weekend, and the weather certainly made it clear to us why this is the next to last trip of the season for us – it was 47 degrees this morning!!  And windy!  My hands are so cold I can’t even type this!

In spite of that, we had a great turnout, spent more time in the water than the cold air, and kept the soup and hot chocolate pots going all day on the grill!

When are we going back to Key Largo????