The Ladies of IVS show their stuff at Dutch Springs

This weekend marked our third checkout dive weekend of the season at Dutch Springs. Yes, our third time there already this season, starting right on opening day this year.

So you ask, is Dutch ready to dive already….no friggin’ way – it is 45 degrees in the water! But does that stop our divers from jumping in? Nope!

This weekend’s class was an all-girls outing, with Briana Reinoso, Kaitlyn Ott, Deanna Kuik, and Cathryn Hardin all needing to get those pesky checkout dives completed before they headed to more exotic locations later this month. So they all opted to take the Drysuit class in conjunction with their Open Water program, and they dove dry all weekend long. I am still amazed that they wanted to do this, let alone come out and complete six dives with us, and still ready to go for more!

Saturday was perfect, sunny, warm, calm……very alluring to come and dive into the pretty pond!  We got our three dives and the ladies did nothing short of fantastic.  The drysuit training paid off in spades as they were comfortable on each dive in the mid 40 degree water. Sunday came along and boy what a difference a night can make…….it was raining like a son of a gun, cold, dreary, and overcast, but did that deter our divers?  Well, heck yes, it really sucked!  But we had a job to do, and we did it, getting in not only three more dives, but actually then a fourth dive to explore the wreck known as the Silver Comet.

Another great weekend, lots of smiles, and four new divers welcomed into the IVS family – perfect!

Keeping Warm in the Local Pond – Dutch Springs!


This past weekend found IVS conducting an early season combination Advanced Open Water and Dry Suit Specialty class at Dutch Springs.  Csaba Lorinczy, assisted by Frank Gabriel, led our team of divers through their paces, including six dives to complete Advanced Open Water plus Drysuit Specialty certifications!  Congratulations to  everyone, and thanks to Csaba for having that nice warm motorhome available for surface intervals.  We’ll be back in a couple of weeks for the DUI Drysuit Demo Days, so come on out and play!

Opening Day at Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs is officially open! And who but IVS would brave the frigid waters right away? Six of our divers headed up for opening day to do some dry suit diving in the 42 degree chilly water. The first dive went smoothly, with everyone warming up just by gearing up. They swam around for about 20 minute, making sure everyone’s buoyancy was right and practicing Tech skills. It was after they got out that the cool air really got to them. But thanks to Csaba Lorinczy, they had a nice and toasty RV to warm up in. Green tea, donuts, and some fun company made warming up between dives fun and easy. Soon everyone wanted to get back in the water.

In the second dive they went out a bit further in the water, exploring the tanker and the bus before coming out again. Once again, everyone huddled together in the RV and tried to get the feeling in their fingers back. On the third dive, they picked up a stray diver with no one to dive with and introduced him to the IVS crew. By the end of his dive, he seemed eager to hook up with IVS again!

So congrats to all the men (and woman) that didn’t let some cold water stop them from diving. Everyone had a great time, and almost all earned the ADC (All Dives with Csaba). Dave was sorely missed!



DUI Demo Days at Dutch Springs

What a great time we enjoyed in Bethlehem as Indian Valley Scuba hosted the DUI Drysuit Demo Days this weekend. Over 250 divers tried one or more of the great DUI drysuits in the less-than-balmy 43 degree Quarribean waters.  The Indian Valley Scuba crew was on site and underwater helping ensure a great and safe time was had by each of the DUI Test Divers.  The weather was perfect after a terrible day of rain on Friday. 

Beverly had our spankin’ new grill fired up and running, and the results were nothing less than expected – great food, great fun, and good friends gathered around the IVS site.  Twenty-seven IVS diving family members participated in this weekend’s events, and it was great to see so many of our friends in and around the water.  

Look for us back on site at Dutch in three weeks when we once again host another dry suit demo weekend, this time bringing out the Whites products for all to try and enjoy!