IVS North cleans up – literally!

Team IVS, Canadian version, spent last weekend doing another major Project Aware cleanup on the Trent River in Trenton, Ontario.  Nine intrepid souls showed up and managed to haul 737 lbs of trash & garbage out of the river, in less than one hour of diving!   The bootie included a couple of bicycles, a shopping cart, some tires, hundreds of bottles and cans, and lots of smaller things.  Needless to say, the river bottom looks a lot better, and the fish were thankful!   It was a great day, with the air and water temp in the low 70’s.  Some of the crew included IVS-North MSDT James Cormier, assisted by his lovely bride Peg, and Patrick Muldoon with his kids Patrick Jr and Beatrice.  Muldoon is an 8th grade teacher and has asked Jim to come give a Project Aware presentation at his school and to schedule another cleanup day as an environmental project for his class – way cool, eh?  Check the IVS website for the cleanup photos!

Camp Wonderfun Discovers Scuba!

The Harleysville Learning Center’s summer camp program, Camp Wonderfun, was treated today to some very special visitors as the Indian Valley Scuba Traveling Discover Scuba Show came to town!  Bev Loggins, Ray Graff, Chris Rich & Mike Gusenko brought a truckload of gear and information about the oceans, the critters that live in it, and how we love to dive there!  Project AWARE, PADI’s environmental awareness & education arm, provided videos, handouts, coloring books and all sorts of goodies for the 40 students and 8 teachers to take home and remember their day by.  We also brought some of our very own display items, including the shell of a green sea turtle discovered off of Key Largo, Sand Tiger Shark teeth that Dave gathered during his diving days at the NJ State Aquarium and other items from the seas.  After the interactive classroom presentation and equipment lecture, the participants headed to the pool and suited up for a real scuba dive with their teachers!  Camp Director Lisa Keene said “We never imagined how much fun this could be!  We not only learned a lot about the ocean realm, but we actually got a chance to experience real scuba diving!”.  At the end of the day it was big smiles and hugs all around, and they already asked us to come back again.  

And if a morning of Discover Scuba Diving wasn’t enough, we had a second DSD session tonight at our regularly scheduled Indian Valley Family YMCA Open Water class.  More future divers, more happy faces, more empty tanks…..this is what it’s all about!