What a DOG Day it was at Dutch!

Each season the folks at DUI, manufacturers of some of the world’s finest drysuit systems, take a note from the Indian Valley Scuba Demo Tour, and run around the country conducting demo day events.  Known as DOG Days, named for the DUI Owners Group, these events historically bring out as many as 1,000 divers to test dive the latest in drysuit offerings from DUI, get a great lunch, talk face-to-face with the DUI factory folks, and socialize with many other DUI owners and wanna-be’s.  They also learn about new options, upgrades and other promotions that DUI is running.  And the event is staffed by local participating dealers, so once the divers have been convinced that a DUI is in the future for them, they know just where to buy one.  How amazing is that?

This weekend found the DUI folks at Dutch Springs for a three day event.  Friday was devoted to Public Safety Diving, and the tent was full of firemen, police officers, commercial divers and rescue divers from teams all over the region.  Faith Ortins was the MC and lead speaker for the event, educating, informing and getting the crowd involved in hands-on demonstrations of the latest PS Diving suits, swiftwater rescue outfits, decontamination products and equipment, and new government regulations and standards that impact this industry.

Saturday and Sunday is dedicated to the general public for test diving DUI suits, and test dive they did!  Over 150 people showed up for the opening of the event on Saturday morning, and the crowd remained steady all day long.  For anyone who has never attended a DUI DOG Day, it was truly an eye-opener with the efficiency of the process that has evolved over the years.  From registration to fitting to diving, each step is handled at a separate station, in a logical order, so the numbers of divers that can be run through in the course of a day with minimal delay is absolutely amazing.

Hmmmmm..wheels are turning here……maybe my blue shirted friends from the TSA should attend a DOG Day and learn how you can be both thorough and efficient at the same time!  But I digress……

Indian Valley Scuba was well represented at the event this weekend, with Dave on site Friday for the PS Diving seminars, then Joyce Kichman, John Glodowski, Chris Perry, Steve Holak, Felix Gryn, Frank Gabriel, Bill Zyskowski, Mike Parzynski, Tricia Arrington, Pam Schools, Chris Muller, IAHD Diver  Karen Swisher and her son Christopher, and others joining pitching in to help make this event a great success.  We thank each and everyone for helping us this weekend.

The event this weekend was one of the busiest yet, so busy in fact that the DUI folks ending up borrowing gear off the IVS Dueling Drysuits Demo Trailer! How’s that for cross-pollination?  Ooops, I meant cross-promotion!  In any case, it just helps illustrate how different members of the industry can work together to build a better diving community for all.  Remember, a rising tide floats all ships…..yet some shops and dive industry professionals just never get it!

More than 150 divers test dove DUI suits on Saturday, and 75 or so more did it on Sunday.  This was one of DUI’s biggest weekends ever, and boy was the energy and activity non-stop in the demo tents.  The crews worked well together, and in spite of a little rain Saturday afternoon, and a lot of rain on Sunday morning it still was a great weekend for all.

Camp IVS was busy too, with divers joining us all day long on both days.  And of course training was rampant, with Brian Laspino and Amir Stark completing their Rescue Diver certifications, Joyce Kichman, Mike Parzynski and Rich Peterson wrapping up their Intro to Tec cert, and Doug Ellis getting some of his Open Water Instructor Development Course training out of the way.  Multi-tasking – it’s a way of life at IVS!    And our own Steve Holak stepping into the line of fire as grillmaster for the weekend, and his meat-handling skills were top shelf.  Now, we need to get his “fixins bar” setup skills in order!  What a great weekend of laughter, good food, local diving and friends – does life get any better than this?

A little rain can’t keep the divers away!

Another weekend and another great chance to get wet in a local way, at Dutch Springs, of course!  It was another checkout weekend and Dueling Drysuits Demo day at the local quaribbean, and it started off as one fine looking weekend for sure!

Saturday we had about 35 IVS divers in the camp, and Sunday found the total for the weekend up over 50!  How cool is it to have so many of our diving family stop by, get a dive or two in with old friends, make new ones, grab a burger, and plan the next dive trip!  And we made even more new friends as the popularity of the Dueling Drysuits demo program continues to grow!

Saturday’s weather was perfect, and with grille-mistress Donna Raleigh in charge, no one went hungry or unsatisfied around the food table.  On Sunday we have Jerry Melissen take over the grille meister duties, and again, the bellies were filled, the smiles were wide, and the IAHD-Americas contribution jar was nicely filled!!  Thank you everyone for supporting our cause. 

Sunday morning the rain came down…and down…and down…….what a torrential storm we experienced.  Lord knows how much rain we got, but we sure got it in a hurry!  But what comes after the rain – you guessed it, a beautiful sunny afternoon to cap a great weekend of diving!

Congratulations to Meghan Grant, Mike Weiderhold, Wyatt & Chuck Brumm, and Paul Haverfield, on completing their National Geographic Open Water certifications! And Rich Seier, who completed his Advanced Open Water & Drysuit Specialty certifications! Wow!

Can’t get enough of the Quarribean this month!


Over fifty IVS divers gathered this weekend on the shores of our local quarribean, Dutch Springs, for a perfect weekend of diving, laughing & grilling!  Training was first and foremost on both days, with Open Water, Rescue Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, Adaptive Scuba, and Dry Suit classes all carefully choreographed under the IVS pavilion.

The face of IVS-Savannah, Randy Rudd, was in town to conduct one of his phenomenal digital underwater phtopgraphy programs, and he had eight eager and willling students lined up and ready to capture the watery world in a brand new way! 

The Dueling Drysuits Demo Trailer was hopping both days, with lots of divers trying out drysuits from Whites and Waterproof.

Lots and lots of certification programs were completed, too many to list here, but boy does it prove the learning never stops at Indian Valley Scuba! 

This marks our 10th weekend at Dutch this season already – this is starting to grow on us!  The family of IVS divers and friends gets bigger all the time, and what a great way to meet old friends, make new ones and get some dives in these weekends are. 

Celebrating America’s Birthday in DBD style – Dutch, Bainbridge & Dutch!


Team IVS is popping up like the gopher in the carnival game this weekend, with simultaneous diving, grilling & drysuit demo’s at Dutch Springs and Bainbridge Sportsmen Club. 

We started off Friday at Dutch, setting up the big tent and grille, and getting the Dueling Drysuits Demo weekend going.   Wei & Chris from Washington DC journeyed up to dive with us, and eleven divers test-dove our suits on Friday, alternating between the Whites Fusion and the Waterproof Draco’s and Aquila’s.  Lots of great experiences, lots of smiles, and some new friends!

Saturday Donna Raleigh, Jarred Rogers, & Frank Gabriel, along with a big gang from the ScubaBoard Dive NY group, represented IVS at Dutch while John Glodowski & Dave V hauled the demo trailer to Bainbridge Quarry for our first ever visit to this dive site.  Located in Lancaster County just southeast of Harrisburg, we could not have been more impressed by the friendliness of the staff and all the divers we met there.  So unpretentious, no egos or other acts of silliness.  Instructors and divers alike lined up at the Dueling Drysuits pavilion to learn more, get a chance to try our suits, and even to talk about our Poseidon rebreathers which we were diving today. 

About a dozen divers tried our suits, and every one came back smiling and asking when we were coming back – very cool indeed.  The longest distance traveled award goes to John Jannone, who drove in from the Pittsburgh area to dive with us and try a Fusion!  John G & I got a couple of dives in after escorting some of our demo’ers, and finally it was time to call it a day, pack it up, and head back to the Center of the Scuba Diving Universe, Harleysville.

Sunday a.m. I drove the demo trailer back up to Dutch and we spent a glorious July day doing demo’s, talking about drysuits, diving and of course grilling!  Donna Raleigh flips a mean spatula on the grill, and we enjoyed her efforts, including the fajita’s, wraps, grilled corn-on-the-cob, and of course burgers & dogs.  Mike Parzynski brought out some carnivore delicacies, including chicken and steaks, marinated and delicious!  The ScubaBoard Dive NY gang, led by ScubaSam, Hobo Diver, CJM, Letter Boy, OhmDiver, Betty Rubble, ParzDiver, Dbuggy66, QRPC, and the rest, added an even greater element to the day – so cool to spend a Sunday diving and meeting new friends! 

Csaba, Niki & Sylvia Lorinczy visited us, and enjoyed the Aqua Park for the afternoon.  It was a busy afternoon of demo’s and finally we packed it up and headed home, back to the grind, until next weekend!

Lobsters, Drysuits & Laughter – a perfect Dutch Springs Weekend!


Today marked the inaugural appearance of the latest and greatest Indian Valley Scuba consumer program – the Dueling Drysuit Demo Program! Our spanking new trailer, chock full of drysuits and everything you need to dive them, showed up bright and early Saturday morning, and from the level of activity, we’re pretty sure it was a big hit!

And, to make it an even mo’ special weekend, Bob & Sally Stitzinger, assisted by Larry Gould and his wife, prepared and served up about 40 pounds of delicious BBQ ribs, fixings and everything else – plus 3 gallons of lobster bisque, just full of the 11 lobsters I caught earlier this week – mmmm, mmmm, good!

Our Dueling Drysuits program is sure to be a hit to divers near and far, giving them the opportunity to test dive, at no cost, two different brand drysuits the same day!  No waiting for the manufacturers annual Demo Day appearance, then having to remember what one felt like and trying to compare it wih another.  We bring out two different brands each week, and you can dive to your heart’s content!  And the best part is the cost – FREE!

Yes, free – what else would you expect from the gang at Indian Valley Scuba? Our mission – to grow the IVS dive family, one diver at a time.

The rest of the weekend was a smashing success, with open water certifications, dry suit certifications, AOW dives, and more fun, laughter, and great food then the next ten shops!  In light of the recent tragic events in Tinseltown, we saw plenty of hollywood tribute dives to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, with big-haired moonwalkers on the platforms – now if we had only known TV pitchman Billy Mays died today, we could have Oxycleaned the pond in his honor, and taken care of any visibility issues!

Memorable quote:  Steve Holak, is credited with “What?  Bev is diving??  All we need now is Roy!” 

Look for us back in force, July 11th & 12th, with great food, a trailer full of drysuits, demo digital cameras, and more!  And we might even make a surprise appearance this holiday weekend!

Diving Dry with DUI & IVS!

It’s DOG Days again this weekend at Dutch Springs, and our friends from DUI are in town with a boatload of their drysuits and gear for divers to test dive.  Team IVS is on site working both on land and in the water with the divers, making sure that everyone is properly fitted, briefed and taken for tour in whatever model or models of DUI drysuits they want to experience.  It’s a really great two-day event that is held annually at different locations around the country, and we are proud to be participate each year as a DUI dealer.

The weekend actually started Friday with a day-long Public Safety Diving program of seminars, equipment & gear displays, and the chance to try some of the DUI PSD offerings.  Plus our friends from DAN were on site to add to the festival, offering diver and instructor level training to the participants.

And the event also marks a special savings offering for all who try DUI – huge savings on new suits, undergarments and accessories, from Indian Valley Scuba and ScubaGearPlus.  Don’t miss the oportunity to take advantage of the savings and the chance to extend your dive season to year round!

We ended up with a total of 252 divers trying out new DUI suits – the biggest turnout yet at Dutch Springs!  Way to go team!

Keeping Warm in the Local Pond – Dutch Springs!


This past weekend found IVS conducting an early season combination Advanced Open Water and Dry Suit Specialty class at Dutch Springs.  Csaba Lorinczy, assisted by Frank Gabriel, led our team of divers through their paces, including six dives to complete Advanced Open Water plus Drysuit Specialty certifications!  Congratulations to  everyone, and thanks to Csaba for having that nice warm motorhome available for surface intervals.  We’ll be back in a couple of weeks for the DUI Drysuit Demo Days, so come on out and play!