Indian Valley Scuba at Lansdale Day

This blog entry by: Tom Rebbie, IVS Diver

At 07:00 hours Saturday morning I arrive to set up the Mobile IVS Information Booth for Lansdale Day on Main Street.

After receiving instructions on where to set up, I drop anchor on Main Street near the SEPTA Rail Road crossing, the carpet, the canopy, the table, the chairs, the IVS information back drop and placing all the IVS information out as instructed by Bev, I’m ready to meet and greet the public, but there is one more thing, ahhhhh yes, my First Mate for the day, IVS’s Diver Dave.

At 08:00 IVS Keith Beaver pulls up with IVS’s 20 foot tall inflatable Scuba Diver Dave. Out of the truck Diver Dave comes and set in to place. Keith runs a 200 foot extension cord to the nearest outlet and we bring life to Diver Dave.

Lansdale Day starts up and I’m joined by a couple of lovely ladies from IVS Judy Jaskiewicz, Trisha Arrington, my daughter Janine (a non-diver) and a friend Vickie (also a non-diver). As the day moves along, we meet and greet any and all who have questions about diving from such as Lansdale’s Police Chief, a local Judge, other vendors, old divers and wanna-be divers as well the general public. We held a steady course and sailed though the morning.

Most questions were the standard such as, how old do you have to be to be certified, is there an age limit that you’re too old to dive, how tall is Diver Dave, where is the IVS shop, what dive trips is the shop running, what do you do if you have to go to the bathroom when your under water, can I renew my certification with IVS, how deep have you been, where do you dive around here, when are the dive courses given, and where are they given and the one question that was asked the most, what are you giving away free?

We do our best to answer everyone’s questions and if we could not give them an answer, we ask them to call Bev in the IVS shop on Monday morning.
The afternoon is much of the same only, it’s getting hotter and I yearn to be in the cool waters of the Caribbean. In time, all of my IVS lovely ladies have to move on to deal with family and friends and other commitments.

I’m alone on the Bridge of the Mobile IVS Information Booth, navigating my booth though a sea of souls passing me by with painted faces, balloons, water ice, funnel cake, hot dogs, French fries and the one food I long for, hot waffles and ice cream.

As the shadows grow long and the sky grows gray the temperature starts to drop becoming a cooler Main Street. The winds start picking up and the discarded papers blow about like flying fish on the high seas. The trees are rocking and vendors canopies start up-rooting and flying across Main Street landing on other vendors canopies or just tumbling down the street.

I look to Diver Dave and see he has become a 20 foot tall disco dancing machine, an image flashes in my mind, that of Diver Dave flying off only to be snagged by the SEPTA High Voltage Lines there on Main Street. And I think of the look on Dave’s face as he is sitting back to relax after a day of diving the St. Laurence Seaway, tuning in to CNN only to see, “Today’s top story, a 20 foot tall Scuba Diver was caught in power lines, all of the Eastern Sea Board is without power.”

At 3:15 PM I feel Diver Dave’s time has come, so I pull Diver Dave’s plug and grab hold of his main support straps and Diver Dave collapses face first in my arms. He is safe.

At 3:30 PM I see Keith in his truck slowly making his way to the IVS Mobile Information Booth where other vendors had abandoned Main Street. We load Diver Dave and all of the IVS equipment and we set sail from Main Street. It was a good IVS day.

Again, I thank everyone who helped out, Judy, Trisha, Janine, Vickie and Keith for their support and of course, Diver Dave who was the biggest Scuba Diver on Lansdale’s Main Street in a long time.

Be safe, have fun,


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