IVS and the New Jersey Reef Club

Another day, and another chance to work with folks who truly care about the state of the world’s reef systems!  Today I attended a meeting of the New Jersey Reef Club, in support of our good friend Ken Nedimeyer, as we worked together to share what the Coral Restoration Foundation is doing for the reefs and how Indian Valley Scuba can get the reef club members involved in the hands on activities there.

Ken’s presentation was spell-binding, and even for this group who were already well-versed in coral facts and figures, it proved to be enlightening and educational.  Lots of great info and even better questions from the audience made for a great afternoon of activities.  And the NJ Reef Club presented Ken with  a $1,500 donation for the Coral Restoration Foundations work in Key Largo and elsewhere.  A hot topic of discussion was the state of the current oil spill in the gulf, and Ken was a wealth of information on the facts and predictions of likely scenarios.  Bottom line – the Keys should be in good shape.

Indian Valley Scuba was also able to share the program we have partnered to develop with the Del Val Reef Club, providing certification training and a Coral Restoration trip to Key Largo the week before MACNA, the annual National Marine Aquarium Conference, being held this year in Orlando.  Divers will get a chance to dive three days in Key Largo, working in the nursery with Ken and his staff, then head up to Orlando for the show, being held Labor Day Weekend. What a great opportunity for a hands-on experience working to help restore what they love so much in their own aquariums.

The event was hosted by IceCap, a manufacturer of aquarium reef lighting systems, and they also donated a portion of the days sales to Ken for the CRF work.  Very nice job, Chris & Laura!


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