Frag Swapping with the Delaware Valley Reef Club

Today marks the date of the first annual Delaware Valley Reef Club’s  Frag Swap.  This all-day event, targeted to the saltwater aquarium enthusiasts, provides an opportunity for education, exchange of information, social interaction and most importantly, a chance to trade or purchase fragments of live corals for members own aquariums.  Indian Valley Scuba is an official sponsor of the Del Val Reef Club, and we are joined here at the event by approx. 40 vendors offering a tremendous variety of live corals, sponges, aquarium equipment, and more.

This place is absolutely hopping, with hundreds of aquarists eagerly passing through the aisles, checking out the corals and other goods, attending the seminars, picking up information, and heading home with new additions for their saltwater tanks.  And even cooler, learning how they can scuba dive and get right to the source of all these fantastic corals!

As coral reef ambassadors, the club members are constantly seeking ways to further their knowledge of the reef system.  A natural avenue for this was for the club to affiliate with the  Coral Restoration Foundation, headed up by  our good friend and coral reef savior Ken Nidemeyer.  As many of you know IVS is an active sponsor of the Coral Restoration Foundation’s programs, running several trips each year to Key Largo to work in the coral nursery and transplant live Staghorn and Elkhorn corals onto the reef.

Many of the club members are learning to dive with IVS this summer, and we have put together a special trip to Key Largo exclusively for club members, to complete their checkout dives and then to work side by side with Ken and his team, clipping, cleaning and planting corals. What a perfect way to combine the best of both worlds, from the aquarium to the sea.  For more information check out the Delaware Valley Reef Clubs website or, or download the trip flyer from the IVS website.


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