Team IVS Races for the Cure

by Joyce Kichman, Team IVS captain & breast cancer survivor

Mothers Day, May 9th might have seemed like another ordinary Sunday morning for some but for many of our IVS family members it started bright and early, and a bit chilly.  This was the day of the big race – the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We had been planning for this day for quite some time, raising funds toward research in the search for the cure.

Twenty-nine hardy souls met at the shop at zero dark-thirty – to use an old Navy phrase for pretty darn early – to board the bus for the trip down to the Philadelphia Museum of Art where the Race was to begin.

The bus pulled out of the parking lot at 6:45 right on schedule – yes, even our fearless leader Diver David was on time, hard to believe isn’t it.  The trip down to Philly was full of anticipation, smiles, laughs and lots of pictures.  Thanks to Sue, Sandy and Joie we even had breakfast – yummy egg and bacon burritos.

The Komen foundation was very helpful in providing directions for our coach including where he could drop us off and where to park to wait for us.  Unfortunately some of that information did not get passed on to the dedicated police officers of the great city of Philadelphia. As we approached our exit ramp the driver realized it was blocked by one of Philly’s finest.  A bit of schmoozing and cajoling and this fine officer pulled his cruiser to the side and lets us pass.  Up the ramp and a left turn found another of Philly’s finest blocking the way, again, after a pleasant chat she allowed us to go the wrong way down a one way street to get close enough to our drop off point.

Again with time on our side several of us went of to do the last minute registration and pick up Komen Tee shirts and race numbers. We also met up with several of our Team IVS members who elected to meet us there and we now total 38.  The runners of the group – and there was only one of us – John Alcott – left to join the other runners.

There are roughly 100,000 people congregated near the steps of the museum.  We meandered down the street to start the long 5K walk. About two and a-half hours and a few hundred pictures later we have come full circle and once again are at the art museum steps.  The post-race activities in full swing, and Danny Bonaduce, of Partridge Family fame, announcing the various winners for the race, team participants and amount of funds raised for the different categories.  We congregate on the “Rocky Balboa” steps to await our departure time.

We meet up with the bus – minus two – Csaba and Niki – are staying for the big Phillies game that day and have an uneventful drive back to IVS, with more pictures of course.

For a small business we set the bar high as far as our fund raising goals.  We started out with a goal of $5,000.00 and by the morning of race day our overall team total is just shy of $10,000.00 with a promise of a couple of thousand more with Jody’s and Brad’s companies doing some fund matching.  Not bad for a small family thing – WAY TO GO TEAM IVS!

Our IVS Race for the Cure Team consisted of the following:

John Alcott

Joanne Brady

Jody Bryan

Brad Creveling and Irene Kaplan

The Kobol’s – Bernadette, Colleen, Michael, and Rachel

Susan Douglass

Sandy Stelle

Stephanie Skelton

The Divinski’s – Carleigh, Lorna, Erin, and Michael

William Gahres

Ray Graff

Mike and Lynn Gusenko

Butch, Beverly, and Stephanie Loggins

Csaba and Niki Lorinczy

Gail, Guy, and Lauren Ostrowski

Jeff, Jan, and Brianna Sheldon

David Valaika

David West

Jamie Winchester

Joyce and Charles Kichman

Belle and Heather Branan


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