More cold water antics at Dutch Springs

It is still waaaaay too early in the season for me, but by golly our divers want to go diving locally!  So, what to do, except take ’em diving!  This weekend found instructors Csaba Lorinczy and IVS-North Jim Cormier on site, conducting Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Drysuit specialty classes.  Our successful candidates included Andrew Feick (Dry Suit), Michael Kelly (Dry Suit, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Adventure Diver & Advanced Open Water Diver), Paul Wiecek (Dry Suit), Daniel Cabrera (Open Water Diver & Dry Suit), Anthony Smith (Dry Suit), Ongart Poonbunroj (Dry Suit).

In addition Dave Valaika was on site and graduated two Full Face Mask students, Nick Geyer and Paul Skehan. Way to go men!

And of course the Dive NY crowd was there in force, with Pam Schools, Chris Muller, Sam Auyueng, Donna Raleigh, Steve Holak, Rich Zeller and others all joining in the fun and merriment.

The good news is the pond is warming up….the bad news is it is still freakin’ cold!  Come on July!!!


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