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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Great Dive Show!

Hello again! The Beneath The Sea dive show in Seacaucus, NJ on March 26-28 was terrific. On all previous shows that I attended, I always had my own booth. However, this time I was invited to exhibit from the booth of Indian Valley Scuba, 601 Yoder Rd., Harleysville, PA (215) 256-6000. IVS is an Authorized Dealer of Critical Aspect Inc. dive equipment. I had met the owner David Valaika, his store manager Beverly Loggins and one of their sales people John Glodowski previously. Now this occasion gave me the opportunity to meet many of their other employees. And I have to say that IVS is very much the “family” that they describe themselves as. What a great bunch of people! The “corporate culture” of IVS certainly starts from the top with the very personable and outgoing personalities of those who run IVS. In the picture you can see the giant inflatable diver at the IVS booth…the highest thing in the convention center. As promised, I conducted a raffle during the show to win a Pterodactyl. Many tickets were sold with the winner being Collen Finkle of MD. I highly encourage all to visit IVS if possible and also their web site… You can purchase a Pterodactyl from their site at a great price with free shipping. Also available is The Mega Buckle. Talk to you later!