Lobsters, Drysuits & Laughter – a perfect Dutch Springs Weekend!


Today marked the inaugural appearance of the latest and greatest Indian Valley Scuba consumer program – the Dueling Drysuit Demo Program! Our spanking new trailer, chock full of drysuits and everything you need to dive them, showed up bright and early Saturday morning, and from the level of activity, we’re pretty sure it was a big hit!

And, to make it an even mo’ special weekend, Bob & Sally Stitzinger, assisted by Larry Gould and his wife, prepared and served up about 40 pounds of delicious BBQ ribs, fixings and everything else – plus 3 gallons of lobster bisque, just full of the 11 lobsters I caught earlier this week – mmmm, mmmm, good!

Our Dueling Drysuits program is sure to be a hit to divers near and far, giving them the opportunity to test dive, at no cost, two different brand drysuits the same day!  No waiting for the manufacturers annual Demo Day appearance, then having to remember what one felt like and trying to compare it wih another.  We bring out two different brands each week, and you can dive to your heart’s content!  And the best part is the cost – FREE!

Yes, free – what else would you expect from the gang at Indian Valley Scuba? Our mission – to grow the IVS dive family, one diver at a time.

The rest of the weekend was a smashing success, with open water certifications, dry suit certifications, AOW dives, and more fun, laughter, and great food then the next ten shops!  In light of the recent tragic events in Tinseltown, we saw plenty of hollywood tribute dives to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, with big-haired moonwalkers on the platforms – now if we had only known TV pitchman Billy Mays died today, we could have Oxycleaned the pond in his honor, and taken care of any visibility issues!

Memorable quote:  Steve Holak, is credited with “What?  Bev is diving??  All we need now is Roy!” 

Look for us back in force, July 11th & 12th, with great food, a trailer full of drysuits, demo digital cameras, and more!  And we might even make a surprise appearance this holiday weekend!


One Response

  1. Dave – I had a great time on Sunday. The food was awesome and everyone associated with IVS is just great to hang out and dive. I learn so much every time I dive with y’all.

    I liked the White’s Fusion. If I can get up on the 11th or 12th, I’d like to try a more traditional dry suit.

    I still want to know what you had to do to get Bev diving. She was adamant she didn’t dive until at least August!

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