Whites Demo Days, Venture Crew DSD’s, Technical Training & Rebreathers @ Dutch – wow!



This weekend was one hopping two-day event at our local Quarribean, Dutch Springs.  Indian Valley Scuba was out in force, with all sorts of training, diving, grilling, demo’s, and fun going on all weekend!  We had IVS instructors from all corners of the IVS universe out this weekend, with Jim Cormier (IVS-canada) Tony Cerezo (IVS Puerto Rico) plus Csaba Lorinczy, Bill Zyskowski, Dan Macy, Rich Kessler and myself from IVS-Harleysville.

We had over 80 folks in the water diving the new Fusion drysuit from Whites, clearly the next generation of drysuit technology.  Team IVS was there all day both days, getting the divers signed up, fitted, and then escorting them in the water on their dives.  Way to go team!

Meanwhile, back at the base camp, we spent both days completing our dives for TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures, plus IANTD Advanced Nitrox.  All good, with great results from our divers, and our congratulations to Sue Mendes, Bill Bobowicz, Roger Patten, Paul Stanford, Kris Gosling, and Bill Zyskowski for their accomplishments.

Also congratulations to John Glodowski for completing his RAID Rebreather Level 1 & 2 programs on the new Poseidon Mk VI Discovery rebreather.  Great work John!!  Look to see this rebreather out in force at demo’s later this season.

We worked with the folks from Whites to go over the details of our exclusive ‘Dueling Drysuit Demo’s’ and  they agreed that another date at Dutch in the fall made sense.  Now we are looking at putting together a Whites / IVS roadtrip, with demo’s and diving at Alexander Bay, NY, Brownstone Quarry, CT, Dutch Springs, PA, Bainbridge Quarry, PA, and perhaps another, maybe Lake George, NY or Lake Rawlings, VA, making five consecutive diving & demo’ing weekends for Team IVS and Whites this fall.  Watch the website for more details.

See pictures from this event.


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