Technical Training Galore! It never stops at IVS! Puerto Rico, Canada, and Harleysville – working together to build the best divers ever!




This week finds all corners of the Indian Valley Scuba empire alive and kicking with Technical Training opportunities of all sorts.  We are at Dutch Springs this coming weekend, with plans to complete an entire array of technical courses, including Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox, Deco Procedures, and Rebreather Training, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

For you ‘Ghostbuster’s fans out there, we had three of our light beams cross this week in Harleysville, and you know what that means!   Tony Cerezo, IVS-Puerto Rico, and Jim Cormier, IVS-Canada, found themselves at the Center of the Scuba Diving Universe, and spent the week working alongside Dave Valaika and the rest of the Harleysville staff, teaching the whole gamit of tech classes from TDI, IANTD, and RAID.  And, our PADI programs were hopping every night too, with National Geographic Open Water, Nitrox, Specialty Certifications, and Advanced Open Water classes every night of the week.  It is truly amazing to see and experience this international group working together to help build the best divers ever!  And the accents aren’t bad either!  Between Spanish, English, and even Canadian being spoken eh, you never knew how to respond!

Look for TEAM IVS at Dutch Springs this weekend, diving and laughing and grilling – just us, being, well, us!


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