Opening Day at Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs is officially open! And who but IVS would brave the frigid waters right away? Six of our divers headed up for opening day to do some dry suit diving in the 42 degree chilly water. The first dive went smoothly, with everyone warming up just by gearing up. They swam around for about 20 minute, making sure everyone’s buoyancy was right and practicing Tech skills. It was after they got out that the cool air really got to them. But thanks to Csaba Lorinczy, they had a nice and toasty RV to warm up in. Green tea, donuts, and some fun company made warming up between dives fun and easy. Soon everyone wanted to get back in the water.

In the second dive they went out a bit further in the water, exploring the tanker and the bus before coming out again. Once again, everyone huddled together in the RV and tried to get the feeling in their fingers back. On the third dive, they picked up a stray diver with no one to dive with and introduced him to the IVS crew. By the end of his dive, he seemed eager to hook up with IVS again!

So congrats to all the men (and woman) that didn’t let some cold water stop them from diving. Everyone had a great time, and almost all earned the ADC (All Dives with Csaba). Dave was sorely missed!



2 Responses

  1. OK OK….I miss one opening day and get blasted!!! Geeesh! Making a note for next year on my calendar!! Seriously, great work everyone – so cool to see you all expanding your dive season and technical skills. Official water temperatures were reported as 39 to 44 degrees F – and everyone was smiling!


  2. Dave’s actually the smart one . . . and dry suits? Wusses. Let me know when you’re all ready to tackle Dutch in the IVS 4/3 supersuit . . .


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