Starting the dive season off right – Key Largo, IVS-style


Who says winters need to be long and cold in the northeast?  They certainly don’t need to be when you have Indian Valley Scuba in your neighborhood!   We love to dive and we love to travel, so it goes hand in hand that we love to travel to dive!  

This weekend saw 29 IVS divers head south to sunny Key Largo, where we enjoyed 14 dives on the reefs – yes that’s right, 14 dives in three days!  Lots of great reefs, shallow wrecks, deep & exciting wrecks such as the Duane and Spiegel Grove, and two night dives!  What an exciting way to avoid the big snow storm that  headed east this weekend.

With instructors Butch Loggins, Bill Zyskowski, Csaba Lorinczy and IVS-South Instructor & Spiegel Grove tour guide extradinaire Dave Hartman, plus Assistant Instructor Felix Gryn, and DM’s Rich Peterson and John Glodowski, our team heralded 8 new divers into the Indian Valley Scuba family – Lyn, DJ & Jessica Swartley, Cindy Eisenhauer, Cynthia Spitalny, Alex & Wendy Lepore, and Stephanie Rees all earned their PADI National Geographic Open Water Diver certifications, along with Peak Performance Buoyancy, Coral Reef Conservation, and Boat Diver specialty certifications.   Congratulations to each of them!

Additionally, we had Keith & Nate Beaver, along with Jim Swartley, completing their Nitrox cert’s.  Rounding out Team IVS for the weekend was Sylvia & Niki Lorinczy, Jim Dahlberg, Brian Montague, Tim Brown, Rob Lunny, and DAN Auction Winner Sharon Gill from Connecticut.  Sharon was the successful bidder on one of the Key Largo trips that IVS donated to Divers Alert Network as part of their annual fundraising auction.  Welcome to the family, Sharon!

The weekend found us with three great days of weather sandwiched in between two lousy weeks of Florida winter weather, so once again the scuba gods were smiling on us!   And a very special congratulations to Ms Niki Lorinczy, who single-handedly took home the coveted “A.D.D.” award!  That’s ” All Dives with Dave!”  Three days, 14 dives, almost twelve hours of bottom time.   Way to go girl!

The only sad news from this weekend was with Dave still nursing his cracked vertebrae & broken ribs (see the Boot Show blog entry!) there was no break-dancing allowed!  Don’t worry, he’ll be back…with a vengeance!


5 Responses

  1. Dave/Butch & Csaba,

    This was an incrediable weekend for our family…. Thank you all so much and the rest who were not mentioned who help us acquire our certifications! Great group to dive and learn with.. After you all departed we went out on another two dives on Tuesday afternoon, they were amazing, we saw nurse sharks, large lobsters, sting rays bigger than me, beautiful fish, and we got to hear some of the stories from past trips! DAVE V, I would love to see the breakdancing moves you have 🙂 Anyway, this trip was by far the best family vacation we have been on yet ( except for hannah) we all had a great time diving.

    Lynn Swartley

  2. And to hear it from her means a lot!!! I am so happy to be able to hear my mom say that! I had an awesome time with you guys and some great experiences. My brother now refers to me as the “Mystery Woman.”

  3. To all the IVS instructors on the Key Largo trip:

    I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the time and care that you all put into working with the open water students (myself included) as well for helping making this trip truly memorable for me.

    I had a fantastic time and owe a large part of the fun and learning experience to the IVS instructors.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to diving with you all again soon!

  4. I think everybody enjoyed this trip. Niki had a great time going deep on the Spiegel Grove and Duane with (the master) Dave Hartman, further fine tuning her diving skills. Sylvia enjoyed diving the reefs and going deep for the first time on the Spiegel Grove. Tim and Rob also had a great time,… “nothing like diving in Key Largo” … and we always get lucky with the weather no matter what time of the year we go .
    Dave, Butch, Bill and I are all like to work with new students, sharing the pleasure of diving and with good students and so many instructors on the trip, everybody gets to have some fun and work with students. I am ready to do it again.

  5. I just wanted to reiterate what Lynn and Cynthia said above. This trip was awesome and the best place to do check-out dives and get certified.
    I met a lot of really great people who I hope will become lifelong friends and dive buddies. Special thanks to Bill Z, Csaba, Butch, Dave V., and all the other instructors for taking such good care of the students (me included)and making our first “real” dive experience fun and exciting. My brother had a great time as well and we can’t wait to go on another trip.

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