Randy Rudd warms up Dutch by going way south!


It was time for our last official visit of the season to Dutch Springs this past weekend, and Mother Nature helped us confirm why we don’t schedule any more weekends there later in the season.  It was a bone-chilling 39 degrees each morning, with a little breeze just to add the thrill of knowing you are about to go swimming in that weather.

Well Team IVS managed to suck it up and rise to the thermal challenges and we showed up in force, occupying about ten tables on the student side of Dutch.  It looked like we owned the place, as IVS divers outnumbered everyone else on shore and below both days!  We got our dives in, spent a lot of time warming up around the grill, and had a great time.

Randy’s digital photo class had a great day, none of the gear iced up, and our Savannah-based instructor confirmed exactly why he lives in Georgia!  Brrrr!

On the way home we figured a quick stop at Gregory’s Steakhouse was in order, and headed on in to the home of the 128 ounce steak!  As we sat around the table and enjoyed a few cold ones, we heard more than a few y’alls, and yessir’s coming from the table behind us.  Well one quick glance at all the camo clothing, and you’d of thought that Randy and our own former Tennessean Bev had died and gone to hillbilly heaven!  Turns out that Robbie, Patrick & Leland were in town for some early PA deer hunting and they were abmazed how Team IVS thought of everything, including packing a few of our own rebels in, just in case!

Well a few drinks led to a few hours of chatting, exchanging stories, and swapping catfish and ‘possum recipes, and before you know it, Bev was modeling camo hats and whooping it up with Randy and the good ‘ol boys – we knew it was time to head on out!  And to make a note to check the parking lot for pick-em-up truck gun racks and trailer hitch bulls balls next time before we stop! 


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