Drew “tutu” Meyers dives at Dutch this weekend!!


If you have never seen the little diving man with the tutu on under his wetsuit, you have been missing it!  Fresh in from his most recent Puerto Rico escapades, Tracy Meyer’s young protoge Drew joined us this weekend and showed us all a few new tricks about diving.  For those of us who know Randy “the ice dancer” Rudd, learning that one of our divers was wearing a tutu (or was it 2/2?) under his wetsuit had us all asking questions of all sorts, as you can well imagine.  Well as it turned out, it was indeed a 2/2 shortsuit he had on under his 4/3, so finally all the gender confusion questions were put to rest.  Now, whether mom will let him come out to play with us again any time in the near future is still to be determined!

It turned out to be a most beautiful weekend, with almost fifty – yes fifty – IVS divers out to play with us, get wet, eat well and share laughs.  Lots of old faces, some new faces, and lots of the regulars all mingled together as we celebrated the passage of more new divers into the Indian Valley Scuba family.  And kudos to Kerri Bates, Steve Holak, Art Poonbunroj & Neal Spear on completing their PADI Advanced Open Water certifications with honors!  Nate Clemmer became our latest National Geographic Open Water Diver, and there were a host of other training activities going on all weekend long.

Bev had the grill a-hopping with all the regular great stuff, plus fresh-caught Jersey lobsters and clams sizzling on the barbie too!   Steve Holak and Randee Bates brought some delicious pasta salad…….More to follow…. And more ‘Secret Shoppers’ visiting us incognito – read the June 21st blog post for more details on this!  You gotta come visit us at Dutch before the season ends!


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  1. Dave, you’re evil . . .

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