North Carolina Diving – nice!

Team IVS headed south to enjoy a long weekend of diving with our friends at Olympus Dive Center in Morehead City, NC.  A great road trip down and we all arrived fresh and ready to go on Wednesday evening.  Thursday morning came early with the 5:30 a.m. sign-in and loading of the boat.  Everything in place, gas analyzed, gear strapped down, now find a place to nap for the 2 1/2 ride out to our dive locations.  For those who haven’t journeyed down with IVS to this location, Olympus is one truly first class operation.  They run two boats, and our group, consisting of Dan Melaro, Chris Rich, Lyn & Mike Gusenko, Randy Rudd, Lauren, Russ & Mike Halvorsen, Mike Noble, Jim Dahlberg and myself, were treated to the usual top shelf treatment and given the larger of the two boats, the Olympus.  A 65 ft long converted crew boat from the Gulf Coast, it has been refurbished and re-powered and has all the proper amenities and set-ups for serious offshore blue water diving.

We arrived at our first location …………. 


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