Discover Scuba Diving a hit every time!

There is nothing quite like the adventure and excitement of taking that first breath underwater, and there is no better place to enjoy it than with the FREE Discover Scuba Diving programs offered by Indian Valley Scuba!  Our DSD crew was busy this weekend, starting off with Boy Scout Troop #214 from Telford, PA.  Twelve scouts spent almost two hours underwater with the IVS gang, and there was nothing but smiles and empty tanks at the end!  Troop leader Cindy Buckingham exclaimed “What a great time!  The scouts loved every minute of it!”. The event was held at the North Penn YMCA in Lansdale. 

If that was enough, we headed right back out to the Hatfield Aquatic Club again, for our third DSD in as many weeks.  Forty eight participants had a chance to get wet and deep with us during the program.  Once again we were mobbed by the crowd as they lined up to try the magic of scuba diving in this premier pool setting. Coach KB really sets her club apart from the others by offering innovative and exciting programs for the members, and Indian Valley Scuba is proud to be part of the HAC team!

Big thanks to the iVS team – Bev & Butch Loggins, Rich Kessler, Felix Gryn, Tom Brennan, Cassandra Rich, Bill Zyskowski, Jenna Murray & Chris Rich for making these wonderful events possible and for providing a night to remember for the participants!  

Scuba Dawg Demo Days @ Dutch Springs

This weekend was our first Scuba Dawg Demo days at Dutch Springs, and all we can say is – “WHAT A GREAT IDEA!”  Wow was the enthusiasm fantastic and the eight scooters we took to demo did not get a rest all day either day!  In the water, out of the water, change batteries, back in the water – all day long!!  It is thrilling to see such diver enthusiasm and to be part of divers trying something brand new, and even better, offering them this chance at no cost.

And quite a few divers took advantage of our training special – with a $50 donation to the International Association for Handicapped Divers, they could complete their PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle specialty for FREE!  There is always a deal to be found at IVS!

It was pretty interesting to note how many other divers came over secretively and asked if we would be there later or on Sunday, because they couldn’t let their current shop see them enjoying our demo.  What an amazingly unbusiness-like attitude so many of the other dive shops have, so possessive of their customers and so unsure of themselves that they are afraid that if the customer talks to another shop – poof! they are gone.  Does the term “if you love something set it free, it it loves you it will come back” mean anything to these dive shops?  Customer loyalty is something you build, not something you create by baffling and BS’ing your customer.  If you are straight up with your customer, truly believe in their best interests, and provide good value with your shop’s product selection and pricing, why would they leave?   That’s what so many other shops miss – they believe they can just keep the customers blinded by denying that other brands or other methods or other shops are out there.  Hey the Soviet Union tried this method with communism, and look what happened when the internet let the people see what the outside world was really like! It’s inevitable that the same thing will occur to a customer the moment they find out they have been treated right or properly informed – they are gone! 

OK, off my soapbox now. 

NJ Wreck Diving on the Venture III

If it’s Wednesday it must be time to go….Diving!  And that we did, heading out to sea today on the Venture III, captained by the always great Ruth and Paul Hepler.  Located in Belmar, NJ, the Venture III is convenient to hundreds of dive sites off the mid-jersey coast.  Our group today included Donna Raleigh, Dave West, Andrew Roebuck, our secret diver who we’ll refer to as “SK”, John Gladowski, and myself.  We headed out and visited three sites today, starting with the Golden Eagle wreck, a fishing vessel that went down in a storm in 1936.  Sitting intact and just a little worn after 70 years under the sea, it is a nice wreck to visit and explore, covered with sponges, mussels and life.  Loads of fish call the Golden Eagle home, so it is always a busy place.

After a short surface interval, thanks in part to the quantity of diveable wrecks in the area and the short distance between them, and also because of the advantages gained by diving with computers, we found ourselves moored to the fisherman’s barge, a rather non-descript 150 ft long steel barge that sank upside down in 78 ft of water.  The viz had really deteriorated in this area, probably down in the 15 ft range, so exploring much off the main wreck was clearly a ‘reel’ challenge.  

Finally, it was time to turn up the heat and put all those spearguns and bug bags we had brought along to good use, so we headed over to one of the many rock piles in the area, and dropped in for our third descent of the day.  Viz was better by a bit, and the water temperature was clearly a tad cooler on this site.  The dive proved productive all around with black sea bass, lobsters and mussels making the final ascent of the day with us, to head home in our coolers!   We’ll be back in two weeks for more of the same! 

Whites Drysuit Demo Days at Dutch!

This weekend Indian Valley Scuba hosted the second annual Whites Drysuit Demo Days at Dutch Springs.  A more beautiful weekend could not have been asked for, with clear blue skies and 90 degree sunshine all weekend long.  An enthusiastic crowd greeted the demo day crew as soon as the gates opened each morning.  All day long we had divers suiting up and testing the latest drysuits from Whites.  The event was headed up by Eric Connery and John Stella from Whites, two experts in the field of drysuit technology and evolution.  Plenty of great information and technical knowledge was shared by the two of them with a very receptive crowd. 

Indian valley Scuba is the #1 Whites dealer in the area, and it showed with the support we brought to this years event.  There were fifteen IVS instructors, AI’s and DM’s all working the booth, helping get divers into their Whites drysuits and into the water to try them out.  The major hit of the event, hands down, was the exciting new Fusion suit by Whites.  This suit truly represents cutting edge technology in shell suit design, with an ultra-flexible inner liner and a protective outer wrap providing unprecedented mobility and range of motion for divers of all shapes and sizes.  No other drysuit manufacturer offers a similar product, but you can be sure their spies were among us, checking out the suit, its features and how everyone who tried one raved about it! 

Look for us to be back with more Whites Fusion drysuits all summer long as Indian Valley offers FREE Demo Days at Dutch throughout the 2008 season!

Hatfield Aquatic Center & SCUBA!

The first ever Hatfield Aquatic Center Discover Scuba Diving program was held at the township pool last evening.  Indian Valley Scuba, the exclusive provider of scuba training at the HAC, was invited to provide an evening of Discover Scuba Diving for the annual Hatfield Township Employees Picnic.  What a blast we had, with over 40 smiling faces emerging from the pool that evening, after discovering the joy of scuba diving.  The enthusiastic crowd, ranging in ages from 8 to adult, lined up from 5 o’clock until the pool closed at 8:30. 

So much fun was had we are coming back for two more sessions, on June 17th & 29th.  Be sure to tell your friends to come out and join us for FREE!